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Desecration of Yoga in the West

I live in Boulder CO, where the power of white privilege tends to hurl well-intentioned liberal ideologies into a full circle of elitism and hypocrisy, like some hyper-spiritual ouroboros shitting pious dogmas into its own mouth. The roots of the …

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Pregnancy is Fucking Scary

I don’t care to debate the objectionable topic of abortion, but recent events in Texas have shone a light on this particular issue. There is one factor that never gets talked about regarding a woman’s right to choose, which is, …

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Period Sex: To Fuck or Not to Fuck?

Do you fuck on your period?

Do you fuck your girlfriend while she is on her period?

Why or why not?

Period sex is a nasty, sticky business, but does it exceed the inherent nastiness of “normal” sexual intercourse?

Opinions on this topic …

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