About Ivory

Life is strange and i'm very confused

Ivory is a 26 year old misanthropic feminist who lives in Boulder, CO with her dog Stevie. In addition to being an avid hiker and canine parent, Ivory enjoys reading, eating, arguing and sleeping in her free time, and has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Artist and musician at heart, Ivory is gifted in creative pursuits when she can actually manage to sit down and focus for a goddamn minute. Despite a colorful career in the food & hospitality industry, an enduring fondness for teaching yoga, and fleeting aspirations to pursue tissue recovery for organ donations, Ivory believes her true calling is in the articulation of written word and intends on a lifelong pursuit of the perfection of expression. Both a self-care specialist and debauchery enthusiast, Ivory is passionate about personal autonomy and criticizing everything that is wrong with society, while she dances in the flames of a collapsing world.